Enhanced Manufacturing

Enhanced Manufacturing

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Enhanced Manufacturing brings xTuple closer to the actual work taking place on the production floor by putting the system in a mobile form factor that workers can use while they are doing their real work.

With Enhanced Manufacturing, the traveler is always available, and the team can post production, clock in and out of operations, and issue materials at the time those actives are really taking place.

With the addition of a bar code scanner, iTuple EM can validate that the actual thing being issued to a work order is the very thing called for on the bill of materials. All of this is available in a handheld form factor that goes to the production, line improving efficiency while making xTuple more accessible and convenient for the team.

The purposes of Enhanced Manufacturing are threefold:

  1. to supplement xTuple's Routing features, particularly enabling on-the-ground tracking of operations;
  2. to expedite communication of ready Work Orders; and
  3. to facilitate a rapid, hierarchical inventory process.